Tyms is a competitive intelligence start-up within the transportation sector. Our big data monitoring tools provide a real-time view of the economy of long-distance mobility for all kinds of transport to our clients. We can track different means of transport regarding air, rail (high speed trains), coaches, carpooling, etc. We can interprete yield management systems from the public fares. The power and precision of our algorithms reconstruct the business model of any operator from public data. Our systems are improving 24/7 thanks to machine learning, finely configured from our expertise and feedbacks. Innovative visualization interfaces facilitate data crunching, analysis and monitoring. They are valuable tools for decision support in a sector that is constantly changing and which is subject to a strong competition pressure.

  • June-December 2017 : First developments
  • January 2018 : creation of Tyms Ltd
  • February 2018 : first contract
  • June 2018 : development of a first version of the webservice (Tyms App)
  • July 2018 : development of Tyms’ infrastructure (own servers)