Our references

  • Competitive intelligence in the rail sector in Europe (2018)
  • Web scraping and data vizualization (2017)
  • Development of algorithms for automatic calculation of indicators (2019)
  • Specific machine learning tools (2019)
  • Competitive intelligence in the airline sector in Europe (2019)
  • Competitive intelligence in the coaches sector in Europe (2019)

Tyms’ milestones

  • June-December 2017 : First developments
  • January 2018 : creation of Tyms Ltd
  • February 2018 : first contract
  • June 2018 : development of a first version of the webservice (Tyms App)
  • July 2018 : development of Tyms’ infrastructure (own servers)

Our projects

  • Development of our tools on air, carpooling and coach in Europe
  • Creation of a complex multimodal data analysis system

Our team

  • Our team, based in France and Switzerland, is made up of passionate young people both in transportation / mobility and big data. Our goal is to bring new perspectives and new methods in this key sector.